This adapter allows you to install an Alpine radio in any car with DIN ISO connections.

Technical details:

  • 16pin connector 22x10mm
  • 16 pin DIN ISO standard socket
  • Cable length approx. 16cm
  • Incl. remote line

Compatible with the following Alpine radios:

  • CDA 7873R, 7876RB, 7893R, 7894RB, 9807, 9811R, 9812RB/RR, 9813R, 9815, 9833R, 9835, 9847R, 9851R, 9854R, 9855R, 9856R, 9871RR, 9 883, 9887R, 117Ri
  • CDE 7854R, 7854RM, 7855RB, 7857RB, 9843RM, 9845RB, 9846RM, 9848RB, 9850Ri, 101R, 101RM, 111R, 111RM, 102Ri, 112Ri, W203Ri
  • CDM 7892R
  • Alpine amplifier Flex 4 MRP-F256
  • IDA X301, X301RR, X303, X305, X311, X311RR,

A notice:

Measure the cable socket of your radio, count the number of connection pins and pay attention to the color of the plug, which must match the color of the connection socket. The appropriate plug can then be selected accordingly.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 16-pin male to 16-pin ISO standard female

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