Our interference filter eliminates the noise and hum loops caused by the engine or alternator.

Possible areas of application:

  • Radio, USB, navigation system, MP3, CD, speakers, stereo system, PC and much more.

Compatible with:

  • various car brands and models - universally applicable

Interference filter up to 12Amp:

Technical details:

  • Rated power: 10 AMP
  • Maximum power: 12 AMP
  • Continuous power: 5 - 12 AMP
  • Voltage range: 11 - 15V DC
  • Connection: Red (12V input), Blue (12V output), Black (minus - ground)
  • Dimensions filter: approx. 7.7cm long
  • Diameter filter: Ø approx. 3.6cm
  • Cable length: Red approx. 18cm, blue/black approx. 16.5cm
  • Color: Black

Interference filter 40 to 70Amp:

Technical details:

  • Rated power: 40 AMP
  • Maximum power: 70 AMP
  • Continuous power: 25 AMP
  • Voltage range: 11 - 15V DC
  • Connection: Red (12V input), Red (12V output), Blue (minus - ground)
  • Dimensions filter: approx. 6.6cm long
  • Diameter filter: Ø approx. 4.0cm
  • Cable length: Red/Blue approx. 30cm, Red approx. 26.5cm
  • Gold-plated cable connector
  • Cable diameter: Ø 10mm²
  • Color: Black

Scope of delivery:

  • Interference filters up to 12Amp or 40 to 70Amp

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