Equipment and technology:

· The externally connected audio source can be selected directly using the source button on the car radio

· Also perfect for a car PC laptop or DVD player.

The adapter makes it possible to connect an external audio source (e.g. DVD player, MD player, laptop mp3 and mp4 player) etc. to a radio with a changer socket and control it via this, thus achieving the perfect sound in the car.

The standard length is approx. 125cm .

Technical data:

  • 1 x AI-Net / Uni-Link connector
  • 1 x 3.5mm jack plug (suitable for all common MP3 players and of course iPod / iPhone)
  • Cable length approx. 125cm

Compatible with the following radios:

  • Alpine
  • JVC
  • and all UniLink devices

At Alpine, for example, with:

  • INA-N333RS/RRS,
  • DVA-7996R, DVA-9860R, DVA-9861Ri, DVA-9965R,
  • CDA-7998R, CDA-9535R, CDA-9830R, CDA-9831R, CDA-9833R, CDA-9847R, CDA-9851R, CDA-9853R, CDA-9855R,
  • CDA-9812RB, CDA-9852RR/RB, CDA-9854R, CDA-9856R, CDA-9857R, CDA-9883R, CDA-9885R, CDA-9887R,
  • CDA-9884R, CDA-9886R,
  • CDA-105Ri, CDA-117Ri
  • IDA-X100, IDA-X200, IDA-X300, iDA-X301, iDA-X303, iDA-X305, IDA-X311, IDA-X313

With most radios you first have to set the AUX input to ON in the main menu!

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