This original adapter Universe AUX adapter allows you to connect an external audio source (e.g. MD portable, MP3 player, smartphone, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod, laptop, etc.) via the CD changer socket. It is also perfect for a car PC laptop or DVD player.

The externally connected audio source can be selected directly using the source button on the car radio.
It couldn't be more convenient!

The adapter makes it possible to connect an external audio source to a radio with a 12-pin (Quadlock) changer socket and select it via this, thus achieving the perfect sound in the car.

Download installation instructions : Click here.

Compatible with the following radios

-Peugeot from 2005 with radio model Blaupunkt RD4 N1

And all other radios that have a Quadlock AUX input . The adapter fits all radios with changer control and where AUX can be activated in the menu !

Technical data:

- Cable length: approx. 125cm
- 1 x Quadlock connector
- 1 x 3.5mm jack plug (suitable for all common MP3 players, smartphones, iPhones, iPods etc...)

For radios that do not have an AUX option
, we have an interface that simulates a CD changer and thus enables an AUX input.

For these radios we have an interface in the shop that allows you to connect an AUX source.

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