The original Adapter-Universe AUX adapter allows you to connect your iPod / iPhone / iPad with an Apple connection from iPhone 5 onwards via the 3.5mm jack or RCA AUX input to your car radio, home system and many other devices.

This means you can easily transfer and enjoy your music from your Apple device.

The adapter has a charging function for your Apple device. Your charging cable does not need to be connected!

Connect the red wire to 12V and the black wire to ground. The cable reduces the 12V to the necessary 5V, suitable for all Apple models from iPhone 5 onwards.

The adapter transmits the audio signal from your device (controlled by iPod/iPhone/iPad). The following models are suitable for this:

  • iPod Nano from generation 7
  • iPod touch from generation 5
  • iPhone from iPhone 5
  • iPad - the charging function is not supported here

Compatible with all car radios/hi-fi systems that have a 3.5mm jack input or a cinch input.

Technical data:

  • 3.5mm jack plug
  • RCA plug (red & white) Cable length: approx. 150cm
  • Charging cables for your device (Red: 12V / Black: ground)

The 12V is reduced to 5V with built-in electronics so that all newer iPhone models can also be charged.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x AUX adapter cable for Apple iPhone

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