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Unlocking bracket for navigation radios Audi, VW, Skoda,

Ford, Becker...:

Unlocking bracket for dismantling OEM car radios and NAVIs with a horizontal unlocking slot

suitable for:

-Becker car radios

-VW/Audi Beta CC, Gamma CC, Delta, Delta CC, Chorus, Concert, Symphony, Naviplus, NaviMCD, RNS,

Please note that you need 4 brackets for factory navigation devices from Audi, VW, etc
are required because the devices have double DIN dimensions!

This is necessary, for example, if you:

- would like to remove the TV lock by interrupting the GALA signal
- would like to connect a CD changer/CD player
- wants to retrofit a hands-free device for a mobile phone
- Want to connect additional speakers / DSP / power amplifiers

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