Bring a high current flow from the battery to the consumer without a voltage drop?

This fuse holder offers the optimal solution to the problem for this type of application!

Take advantage of the opportunity to use cables with a large cross-section with fuse values ​​from 20Amp up to 300Amp .
This fuse holder is ideal, especially for car hi-fi systems with high performance!

This is achieved using the well-known ANL fuse connection technology and the large contact surface between the holder and fuse .
This allows contact resistances to be kept low .

The “one-piece” design of the fuse and the 24 carat gold plating of all contact surfaces also ensure high conductivity.
The voltage losses from the battery to the consumer (e.g. amplifier) ​​can be kept extremely low , which contributes to a very clean and full sound.

Input side with the possibility of cable connection for cable cross sections of 6mm² - 25mm²
Output connection behind the fuse also from 6mm² - 25mm²

It is a fuse whose value you can determine yourself : 20Amp, 40Amp, 60Amp, 80Amp, 100Amp, 150Amp, 200Amp and 300Amp are possible.
The cables are clamped using Allen screws.
The entire block is provided with a sturdy, transparent plastic cover as protection against contact.
Thanks to the O-rings, the screw caps of the plastic seal are also waterproof.


  • waterproof thanks to O-rings on the screw caps
  • for cable cross sections from 10mm² to 50mm²
  • Large contact area for fuse on fuse holder
  • Gold plating of all contact surfaces
  • The cables can be used from 20 amps up to 300 amps
  • stable, transparent plastic cover

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x ANL fuse holder

Technical data

  • Dimensions: approx. 15.5cm x 6.0mm x 4.0mm
  • with 30/40/50/60/70/80/100/150/200/300 amps of your choice
  • Install the fuse holder as short as possible (10 - 25 cm) behind the positive battery pole

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